The Archive

The Collection is complemented by an extensive archive containing sheets, correspondence, certificates and studies of the works, with up to date curatorial data. This documentary section is important for understanding the context and evolution of both, the artists and the works present in the Collection.

The archive itself contains a section titled Ephemera dealing with a very diverse collection of material related to video art. Dossiers of artists, booklets, photos, leaflets from and invitations of exhibitions and showings are to be find in this section.

Given the pedagogic nature of the Collection, the creation of a thematic library was a priority. More than 1.000 titles have been registered, including monographs of artists, publications from exhibitions and showings, catalogues from art galleries and theoretical studies on video art and the moving image.

Particularly noteworthy is the Spanish video section. The bibliography of edited titles is practically complete, allowing one to trace the development of artistic video expression in Spain.

Finally, the archive includes a supportive section with news updates (clippings), a newspaper archive of journal articles compiled the last 10 years from the Spanish communication media.

Biblioteca de videoarte

Biblioteca de videoarte